-A description of just some of our delicious foods:

Baklava (Nut Puffy Pastry)
This famous pastry called Baklava is made of many layers of
paper-thin dough with a filling of crushed nuts and sugar between layers. The best clarified butter is used for this dough. Sugar syrup is poured over the pastry when it comes hot from the oven to give it a translucency and a rich honey flavor. The pastry is difficult to make at home for it must be rolled very thin.

Malfouf (Cabbage Roll)
Cabbage leaves rolled around seasoned ground beef and rice. Malfouf are then layered at the bottom of a large pot and simmered in stock.

Yakhnit Loubieh (Green Bean Stew)

An old favorite returns! Mediterranean-style green beans, sautéed with chunks of beef and onions in olive oil and mixed into a spicy tomato sauce with special seasonings.

Salata (Salad)
A Mediterranean country salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, lemon juice, olive oil, and sprinkled with mint.

Rice Pilaf
Fluffy rice simmered in clarified butter. Perfect with all dinner dishes.

Succulent cuts of choice lean beef, marinated to perfection and
barbecued. Served in Pita bread and a unique yogurt sauce.

Hummus (Chickpea Dip)
The most popular food to emerge from the Mediterranean and Middle East regions is Hummus - an exotic blend of pureed chickpeas, lemon, sesame tahini, oil, and spices.

Fatayer Laham (Meat Pies)

Baked pastry stuffed with spicy lean ground beef or lamb and onions, and a special spice blend. Sometimes pine nuts are added for festive occasions.

Tabouleh (Mint and Parsley Salad)
King of salads! Tabbouleh ranks along with kibbeh and hummus bi tahini as the most popular Mediterranean dishes. It consists of finely chopped parsley and mint, cracked wheat, diced vegetables and tossed with lemon juice and olive oil. Most often it is scooped out of the bowl with Romaine lettuce leaves.

Ka'ick (Sweet Cookies)

This is a hauntingly delicious sweet bread in a cookie shape. In Lebanon, after school the children buy these lovely treats from street vendors. The secret is a touch of rose water in the syrup. Different than anything you've ever tasted.

Khubz (Arabic Bread)
In the Middle East bread is not only the staff of life, but also often fork, spoon and plate as well. The typical bread of Arab countries is a flat, round loaf, which is only slightly leavened. Its flavor is best when fresh from the oven, because it contains no milk or shortening and dries out quickly. Peasants and villagers prefer this bread for its chewy texture and they also like the convenience of the flat loaves. They can stuff it with meat, cheese or vegetables for a hearty sandwich. They can break off bits to dip into hummus bi tahini, or they can use pieces of it to clean the last of the stew from their plates.

Kibbeh (Ground Meat and Burghul Mixture)
Is virtually the national dish of any Middle Eastern country, and to call it a meat loaf does not quite raise it to the heights it deserves. The ancient method of pounding the meat into a paste is not used here in the U.S. In the states, very lean beef or lamb is finely ground and mixed with cracked wheat and spices, then baked in olive oil or clarified butter, or grilled on the barbecue. Simply delicious!

Char-Broiled Chicken
Savory char-broiled chicken that has been marinated in a special spice blend, then barbecued over hot coals. After cooking, it is basted with a delectable olive oil and garlic mixture and served hot.


A tasty fried seasoned chickpea mixture stuffed inside pita bread with a
salad mixture and topped with sesame/yogurt sauce (tahini). Most often pickles or pickled vegetables are served along with the wonderful sandwich.


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